Balmain SS18: A look into the fashion elements of my favorite runway look!


This outfit is from Balmain’s SS18 collection by designer Olivier Rousteing.  Balmain is my favorite fashion house and this particular outfit was my favorite from the collection.  This season’s line was monochromatic, the core “color” scheme was black and white with pops of color sparsely incorporated throughout the collection.

Shape: This Balmain outfit from the SS18 collection has a tubular silhouette which adds slimness to the model’s body through the use of those sharp vertical lines.  Rousteing is known for his very structured designs but relaxed this style slightly for his SS18 which you can see in the pants baggy feel.

Line:  The well-defined vertical lines help to make the model look even taller than she actually is naturally.  They also help with the overall sophistication of this look that flatters the model’s body type perfectly.  As I follow the bold lines vertically up and down with my eye I notice the slender visual created.  The contrasting horizontal lines are not as prominent but help with Rousteing’s new somewhat relaxed theme

Texture: The pants have a rough texture due to the sequins used.  The jacket has more of a furry/fuzzy look.  These two textures together in my head seem like they would clash but seeing how well they mesh together really has me in awe of the Balmain brand overall for straddling that line between couture and costume.

Movement: The light reflecting off of the pants really helps to capture the movement of the outfit.  Balmain’s collections tend to be slightly more restrictive and stiff in general but their use to embroidery gives the allusion of more fluid motions by the light catching the rhinestones and sequences.

Color:  While blue is normally seen as a calming comfort color, this bold blue gives off a more captivating alluring vibe.  I receive a very powerful bold statement from this electric color which I normally reserve for colors such as red and yellow.  This blue color pops even more due to the contrast of the subdue vibe of the black pants and the details in the jacket.

Rhythm: The rhythm of this outfit is slight hard to follow for me due to the different colors, textures, and shapes.  The core rhythm of this outfit that I can visually focus on with my eye is the repetition of the crisscross lines on the jacket.  Also, the lines created by the cold shoulder brings my eyes to the center of the outfit where the belt is perfectly placed.

Unity:  I love this outfit and think it works very well together overall.  The bold blue color is complemented by the somber nature of the color black.  And the soft fuzzy texture of the jacket is complemented by the rough texture of the pants.  This outfit really has perfect balance between opposing designs that allows them to match together instead of clash together.

Proportion:  The clothes fit the model’s body type very well.  While the pants are slightly loose fitting compared to the form fitting structure of the jacket, the overall outfit together makes perfect sense in my opinion.  The proportions are perfect for the overall collection and really fits well with Balmain’s signature style.

Symmetry: This is a symmetrical outfit.  The line in the middle of the jacket acts as a line of symmetry which showcases Balmain’s intricate attention to detail.  There is no need for asymmetry in this design, keeping this element simple allows the focus to be on the color and texture of the outfit.

Emphasis:  The jacket is the focal point of this outfit.  From the bold color in a very monochromatic collection to the intensity of the 3-D elements.  Also, the hints of flirty components in this very structured military look such as the cold shoulder and the mesh in the middle by the model’s rib cage.  Alos, the pull of the belt on the fabric helps to curve the sharp lines adding a softer feel.

Cost of the outfit:

Jacket: $10,700 or a deposit of $5,350

Pants: $5,650 or a deposit of $2,825

Belt: $844

In order to make this overall outfit somewhat affordable, the material used would have to be cheapened. The fabric would probably not be as thick and the embroidery would need to be toned down quite a bit.  I would also either leave the belt out completely or go for a plain belt without the gold chain.


My Instagram Insights

I recently ran an insights report on my professional Instagram account: @sierraa_michele.  I found out a lot of useful (and shocking) information about the IG users who visit my profile and engage on my social media! You can see my current stats below:


I am surprised at this 50/50 gender spilt! I expected to have a female dominated following.  I post mainly natural hair and (female) fashion content, but I am glad to know that I am not boxed in to one particular audience.


I am currently 24 years old so having adults age 18-24 seems right on target!


I found it very surprising that location wise, my reach is stronger in California than any other state since I have never been to California in my life lol!  I currently live in Maryland which did not even make it on the list.  I added #dmv to all my new photos to help raise my presence locally.  I am very thankful and humbled for the love from the top five locations!

Sizing in the Fashion Industry

“What’s your size?” has always been a loaded question…

As a twenty-something year old millennial, I have done my fair share of online shopping… If only I could get a degree in e-commerce from Fashion Nova!    I recently came across a meme on Facebook stating that the hardest part of online shopping is getting up to get your credit card lol!  As life changing as shopping online is, one thing I have noticed is the inconsistency of sizes from online companies that carry multiple clothing brands.

I decided to try on dresses from Target, who also has an electronic commerce market, to see if their different clothing brands are consistent in my size.  I wear a size “small” in almost all Fashion nova dresses.  So I decided to use this size as my base line.

Here are three Fashion Nova dresses all in size “small” for reference.

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Here are the dresses I tried on from Target in the same size:

Brand: Who What Wear

Size: Small

Comments:  Compared to how I normally like my dresses, this dress was slightly big but not enough to deter me from buying it or enough to “send it back” had I have brought it online.

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Brand: a.n.d ea wy

Size: Small

Comments:  This dress was extremely big on me, mainly in the bust and sleeve area.

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Brand: xhilaration

Size: Small

Comments:  I liked this dress, It is meant to be a airy sun dress.  Pretty much fit as expected, probably one of my favorites!

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Brand: Mossimo

Size: Small

Comments:  Not the best fit for me, the belt helped me get some shape back. The shoulder area was loose, I would need to get that taken in along with the waist area.

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One size (small) does not fit all that is for sure!   Women’s bodies continue to defy “standardized” sizing norms.  240 billion dollars worth of apparel is purchased online each year.  Here is the problem… customers return about 40 percent of what they buy online mainly due to sizing issues.

What are your thoughts on sizing in the fashion industry?  Do you shop online and worry about whether or not your “medium” is the same as their “medium”?

Leave your comments below!  I would love to read your opinion on this topic.

Shoot Party

Last weekend I attended a shoot party in Washington DC hosted by The Directory and The Locale Workspace.   The Directory is “a directory of talent where photographers, brands, and models are able to connect and collaborate.” – Kristan Servidad, CEO & Founder, THE DIRECTORY.  Click here and check out their website!   The Locale Workspace is an inmate venue located on H street in DC.  My friend Kiara and I had a GREAT time stepping out of our comfort zones as “models” for the day <3.


Check out the photos taken by some of the most creative photographers in the city!


 Photographer: Ilona Zaren – Insta: @nazarenko_ilona



Photographer: Ed Kirkland – Insta: @shutter_to_think_photo,  Website

Photographer: Tre Smith –  Insta: @artis.tre, Website

Photographer: Nicole Short – Insta: @thephotoladyofdc

Photographer: Preston Slater – Insta: @pressonly1


My style: Spotlight on Fashion Nova

I LOVE me some Fashion Nova!  If you have not heard of them you must not have an Instagram account, LOL!  Fashion Nova is a LA-based online women’s fashion company.  They work with influencers such as Amber Rose, Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna and many…MANY more.  The company is notorious for their sexy “Kim K” inspired night-out style.  However, they have a plethora of every-day female fashion.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Brand:


Jumpsuit: Forever Together Jumpsuit


Jacket: The Good Life Jacket – Bleach Wash


Old Romantics Dress – Burgundy


Bring Me Back Bodysuit


Cross My Side Pants – Ivory


Monkee’s of Fredericksburg

Monkee’s is a contemporary clothing store located in Fredericksburg,Virgina.  Last month I had the privilege of visiting the store to take a few pictures of some of their Fall collection, with the owners approval of course!  Monkee’s carry clothes from fashion designers such as:

  • Kate Spade
  • Lilly Pulitzer
  • Draper James
  • Barbour
  • Lilla P
  • And more!

Here is a link to their website!