Baroque fashion in modern light

Baroque is a style of art that was prevalent in Europe during the early 17th to 18th century.  This period was known for exaggerated movement and sharp, easily construed detail.  The overstated style of Baroque art was created to amaze visitors of the European nobles by presenting the extravagance and supremacy of land.

This over-embellished style eventually found it’s way into the fashion industry.  Fashion companies such as Balmain, Marie Claire, and H&M have made sure to keep the dominant characteristics of this time-period while integrating a contemporary flare.

I have had a love for this style of art since I was a young girl without knowing the name or history behind it.  I love to ride that fine line between “costume-like” and “luxury-couture”.   These pieces make a major fashion statement without being too theatrical.


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