Sizing in the Fashion Industry

“What’s your size?” has always been a loaded question…

As a twenty-something year old millennial, I have done my fair share of online shopping… If only I could get a degree in e-commerce from Fashion Nova!    I recently came across a meme on Facebook stating that the hardest part of online shopping is getting up to get your credit card lol!  As life changing as shopping online is, one thing I have noticed is the inconsistency of sizes from online companies that carry multiple clothing brands.

I decided to try on dresses from Target, who also has an electronic commerce market, to see if their different clothing brands are consistent in my size.  I wear a size “small” in almost all Fashion nova dresses.  So I decided to use this size as my base line.

Here are three Fashion Nova dresses all in size “small” for reference.

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Here are the dresses I tried on from Target in the same size:

Brand: Who What Wear

Size: Small

Comments:  Compared to how I normally like my dresses, this dress was slightly big but not enough to deter me from buying it or enough to “send it back” had I have brought it online.

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Brand: a.n.d ea wy

Size: Small

Comments:  This dress was extremely big on me, mainly in the bust and sleeve area.

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Brand: xhilaration

Size: Small

Comments:  I liked this dress, It is meant to be a airy sun dress.  Pretty much fit as expected, probably one of my favorites!

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Brand: Mossimo

Size: Small

Comments:  Not the best fit for me, the belt helped me get some shape back. The shoulder area was loose, I would need to get that taken in along with the waist area.

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One size (small) does not fit all that is for sure!   Women’s bodies continue to defy “standardized” sizing norms.  240 billion dollars worth of apparel is purchased online each year.  Here is the problem… customers return about 40 percent of what they buy online mainly due to sizing issues.

What are your thoughts on sizing in the fashion industry?  Do you shop online and worry about whether or not your “medium” is the same as their “medium”?

Leave your comments below!  I would love to read your opinion on this topic.


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